Done Diggin’ is Done!! (Sort of) 😊

Well, we did it.  We have come full circle – we’ve finished the Great Loop – we crossed our wake!!

A happy moment! We did it!

We have traveled about 6,500 miles since leaving home in September of 2018 and 5,200 of those were Great Loop miles.  We left the Fort Myers Yacht Basin in Florida on February 14th and cruised back to where we started yesterday – November 25th at about noon.  A little over 9 months filled with watching weather, charting courses, cruising through oceans, lakes and rivers, meeting hundreds of people and some new good friends, docktailing, laughing and crying (OK just me on that last one).  We boated in 2 different countries and 15 states.  We went through about 110 locks including The Big Chute which was a rail car that picked us up over a road, and Lock 45 on the Trent Severn which was about 18 inches wider than we were.  We had our picture taken in front of the Statue of Liberty and the Arch in St. Louis in our own boat.  We saw West Point from the Hudson River and ate at the Culinary Institute of America.  We anchored in the Georgian Bay of Canada and saw beautiful little towns along Lake Michigan.  We did the rivers…….man, those were rough.  We crossed the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve lived together on a 43 foot boat for 14 months so far and most days we still like each other.  We did it, we did the Loop!

Done Diggin’ is DONE with the Loop!

When we pulled into the Yacht Basin yesterday I almost cried when I saw Greg from the Lucky Me running down the dock in front of the dock hand to catch our lines for us as he’s done so many times before.  He and Susan took the photos of us changing out our white (in progress) burgee to our gold (finished!) burgee and we drank champagne along with Bruce and Grace from Seas Today, some newer Loop friends who will travel south with us from here.  It was an incredible day, Danny and I will never forget it.

Reunited (again!) with Susan and Greg from The Lucky Me
Bubbly with “newer” buddies Grace and Bruce from Seas Today

So, today we will cruise 17 miles back to the Pink Shell Beach Resort Marina where we will stay and RELAX until about December 4th.  It’s a great marina with access to all of the resort amenities.  Plans include walking on the beach and sitting under an umbrella on the beach drinking an umbrella drink.  When we leave Fort Myers we will travel to Stock Island, just north of Key West and spend most of the winter there before starting the trip home.  We are so happy and so blessed.


The famous pier at Fort Myers Beach on our morning walk
Pink Shell Beach Resort

Thank you for following along this epic adventure with us.  I will probably continue to blog when we start traveling again – I started blogging as a way to keep family and friends aware of where we are and it’s turned out to be something I love doing, it’s cathartic and cheaper than therapy!

Until next time,

Gold Loopers Danny & Jodi


3 thoughts on “Done Diggin’ is Done!! (Sort of) 😊”

  1. Thank you for taking us on the journey with you. The blog has been great – you’ve become a writer!

    Congratulations to you and Dan on a big accomplishment. What an adventure.



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