Hello from Paris!

Paris, Tennessee that is.  Did you know there was a Paris in Tennessee?  Neither did I, but we are here and just got back from a quick trip to the Eiffel Tower – no kidding!

sullivans and guide
Billie, our tour guide with Laurie and Kevin at the Eiffel Tower!

It is also home of the World’s Biggest Fish Fry which happens every year in April when the whole town closes down for a parade to celebrate the catfish!  A local boater offered to take us to see the sights today, we didn’t travel because it was supposed to rain all day.  It actually just started now at 3:00, but it’s ok, it’s been a nice place to visit, and we will likely never be here again.  The marina is adjacent to Paris Landing State Park where we walked some trails and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Kentucky Lake.

Yup. Paris, Tennessee. Here we are in front of the catfish on a stick to prove it.
state park
View of the Kentucky Lake from the State Park

Kentucky Lake is actually on The Tennessee River and we’ve spent two beautiful, short days cruising here from Green Turtle Bay in Kentucky. The boating here has been spectacular and way more pleasurable that that dam Mississippi River (did I mention that I didn’t like being on the Mississippi?) We had two sunny days and anchored out the first night.  The water isn’t brown and yucky (that’s a nautical term) anymore, so we kayaked and Danny went for a swim.  It was a beautiful anchorage just off the river.

TxAu and Laurie Jean rafted up at anchor
He doesn’t look happy in this picture – but he was!

The next morning we pulled anchor and continued South, and the cruising has been just as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey…..speaking of whiskey…..we spent a week at Green Turtle Bay Resort Marina in Grand Rivers, Kentucky where there were lots of get- togethers with some of the many Loopers that were enjoying some R&R and air conditioned boats and bars in a heat wave; the temperature was around 90 to 95 degrees for 5 days straight.  There were Looper docktails and dinners and after one of the dinners some of the men were sipping bourbon on Tex’s boat and I decided to join them!  Well it was very smooth and tasty.  And the next morning my head weighed a ton and Danny brought me my coffee in bed……clearly I’m not as smooth as the whiskey!

docktails at the pool
Docktails at the pool at Green Turtle Bay with the crews of Southern Cross, Contentment, Spinning Dreams, Aquaman, and of course our friends Laurie & Kevin
drink choices
Interesting Kentucky IPA choices at The Thirsty Turtle
Nothing like a bonfire when it’s 90 degrees outside! The Firestarter in the picture is actually from Portsmouth, NH

Being overserved aside, it was great to meet new Loopers and catch up with people we hadn’t seen since earlier in the trip.  Andy & Cindy on Aquaman were the first Loopers we met way back in Fort Lauderdale last winter, we traveled with them for a bit on the Mississippi and danced with them at The Thirsty Turtle, the bar at the resort.  We met another great couple in Canada, Geni & Bill on Patriot; they are both retired military and fabulous, warm and interesting people.  We ran into them again at Green Turtle Bay and they hosted dinner for about 16 people aboard their huge, beautiful boat the last night we were there.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m sure, but the people we are meeting are a big part of what makes this trip so special.  They come from all over the country, all walks of life and are on boats of all shapes and sizes, and are generally open to conversation and camaraderie.  Fun.

loopers on the dock
SO many Looper boats on the dock at Green Turtle Bay

Tomorrow we will pull our lines and move further south and continue to get to know this country of ours, which continues to be an eye opening for me.  Being in the South in places like Kentucky and Tennessee is quite an experience for this Liberal Yankee girl,  and I’ve seen quite a few “Trump” and “Keep America Great” flags along these waters.   I can’t help but think about the first time I was old enough to vote in a presidential election when Richard Nixon was elected.  I remember being really upset and telling my father that I didn’t even know any Republicans or anyone who even voted for him…..I guess I was pretty naive.  My father laughed and told me that the country was much bigger and different than Massachusetts and the East Coast.  I guess Jack Hughes knew what he was talking about and I’ve thought about that conversation many times over the years.  And if I thought I was upset after that election, I shouldn’t even think about how I felt in 2016 and fear I’ll feel in 2020…..but that’s a whole other thing and I’m trying really hard not to talk about it on this trip, and especially in the South – that’s not what this is about.

I’m looking forward to more beautiful cruising days as we get closer and closer to crossing our wake in Florida.  Thanks as always for following along our Great Loop Adventure!

Not really an ad for Brunelle Brothers Electric….he gets all dressed up on travel days 🙂

Captain Dan & Cruise Director Jodi

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