Georgian Bay Adventures

This morning I was walking around the downtown of Parry Sound, where we docked last night, and a woman told me to enjoy the day before it got too hot.  She said it’s going to 28 and will feel like 32.  Hmmmmm…….That sounds COLD to me! I have no idea what that translates to in Fahrenheit and I’m probably not going to learn Celsius at this point in my life.  It will just add to my happy confusion as we travel through this beautiful, scenic neighboring country of ours.  Oh Canada!  You do not disappoint.

Beautiful morning on the bay.
I think this is half & half……I hope!

Parry Sound is the birthplace of Bobby Orr.  Apparently a lot of people in the area are Orr’s, but we didn’t run into any while we were there.  We did go to the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame and had a great dinner at the Wellington Pub – the owner of the restaurant actually picked us up and drove us to the restaurant!  It was pretty rainy yesterday, actually the first rainy day we’ve had since we got to Canada on June 29th.  Not bad.

Bobby Orr was born in Parry Sound – there’s a small and interesting Hall of Fame in his honor.


The Tribe at dinner….notice we are all looking more and more tanned as the days pass.

This week we’ve had a few more boating firsts.  We anchored overnight for the first time on this trip; we’ve only done so at home a couple of times.  The first night was in Monument Channel; it was so peaceful and I loved listening to the loons when I woke in the early morning.  We are with our buddy boats, we all took a dinghy ride around to explore, had docktails on the bow of Done Diggin’ then back out on the dinghys for sunset.  The next day we arrived early at Echo Bay, a popular anchorage, and it was already pretty crowded, so we all rafted together for the night.  It took a little bit of time for us to all get situated, but we held really well thanks to the coordination of our friend Greg on TxAu. Once settled we all swam near the boats and then took the dinghy’s for about a mile and a half ride to Henry’s a popular tourist spot for fish & chips.

Kevin from “The Laurie Jean” tying a rope from our fleet to the shore.
The fleet safely rafted up in an anchorage – left to right is Laurie Jean, Done Diggin’, TxAu and Lucky Me
We bullied another poor man into taking a picture with us. He’s the current owner of Henry’s…..I forget his name but it’s not Henry and he was a good sport.

As we were all floating around in the water that day, we wondered aloud what day of the week  it was and talked about what may be happening in our “real worlds”.  Right now this trip feels like a long summer vacation – swimming, kayaking, boat rides and hanging out with friends.  Beautiful days filled with summer activities in an idyllic setting. Very “On Golden Pond”.

Even busy captains deserve a break sometimes


Pulling out of our anchorage at Echo Bay.

This morning we had a short, 15 mile journey from the marina in Parry Sound to another beautiful anchorage in Regatta Bay.  There are many, many routes and countless places to visit on The Georgian Bay; today’s travel took us in both the “main channel” and the “small boat channel”.  It’s important to stay vigilant in some of these narrow channels and to watch for submerged rocks!

It’s usually “red right return” when navigating, but sometimes not! Not sure why, Danny could explain it. So instead of a fancy electronic system, our boat has plastic clothespins to aid us in our travels!
My very own binoculars. I use them to help find buoys or to find our designated slip in a marina. I also check out pretty houses on the shore, how people decorate, what’s for dinner, what’s on their tv………kidding………mostly.


We saw about 340 feet of water today! Way more than the 2 feet we saw back in Georgia!

We are all rafted up again for the night and plan on a pot luck dinner tonight with pulled pork, baked Mac n’ cheese and a docktail or two.   We’ve challenged each other to come up with a new toast for docktails…..Danny and I came up with two and I also wrote a limerick, so we’ll present them all at docktails tonight.  May the best boat win!

Our boat mascot is a 2 inch screaming goat, Robyn & Terry brought him to us this winter. We found this little pirate on the ground in Little Falls, NY and gave him to the goat. Although he frequently falls off, they are a good pair and fine mascots.

Thanks as always for following along on our adventure.

Having a blast in Canada!


Captain Dan and Cruise Director Jodi


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