The Journey Continues

A few days ago, March 23rd, marked our six month anniversary of the day we started our journey.  Since then we have traveled about 2000 miles down the East Coast to the south of Florida, across Lake Okechobee to the West Coast of Florida and have traveled through many different waterways, lots of bridges and a few locks.   Our boating skills and confidence have improved and we have lots more to learn.  My bravery has improved a little too, sometimes I even find that I’m enjoying myself while we’re under way, not just when we’re at dock!  We’re disappointed that we didn’t make it to the Bahamas this winter, it just wasn’t in the cards, but there’s always next year! We thoroughly enjoyed the Florida weather; we were able to walk, bike, kayak and saw some beautiful parks and trails.  We also spent  quite a bit of time at the beach  and could actually swim in the warm water. Danny walked the beach just about every day and has acquired quite a collection of toys – he swears they were all left behind and that he didn’t steal them from any little kids – but there are no corroborating witnesses!


So, now we have officially started the Great Loop!  Although the East Coast from New York south is part of the route, most people loop in a counter-clockwise direction so as to be chasing the warmer weather.  As we move north we are beginning to meet some other “Loopers” on the same route.  We’ve shared “docktails”, dinner and lunch with a few and always exchange boat cards with one another – our collection is really growing.  It’s fun and interesting to exchange boat stories (good and bad!), share experiences about places to visit and things not to miss and to have a community of like-minded people.  We’ve met couples who didn’t have a lot more experience than we do and others who are “old salts” with years and years of boating under their belts.  People who’ve completed The Loop always comment that this social part is one of the best parts of the trip. Danny tends to leave the ice breaking to me but has really enjoyed meeting people as well.



We are in St Augustine, Florida again and will be here for a week. We arrived two days ago and yesterday there were gale force winds, we are very grateful that we were safely docked before the winds started howling. We spent a couple of days in Fort Pierce on the way here, that’s a beautiful place nicknamed the “Sunrise City” and it did not disappoint. We spent an awe inspiring afternoon at The Navy Seal Museum while we were there as well. The last week of cruising was perfect, we had sunny clear skies, warm temperatures and smooth waters. If only it was always like that.

We spent a week at home so Danny could have his check in with his doctor and we are thrilled that all is well; he’s feeling great and living his dream. I was so happy to see my family and especially sweet Lilah, missing days with her is the worst part of this trip. We plan on bringing the boat as far as New York by the end of May then coming home for a coupe of weeks before continuing North to the Hudson River, Erie Canal, Canada and beyond!


We are blessed to be on this trip and love hearing from people at home. We love company! If you have some time off and want to go for a boat ride come join us for a few days. There’s rarely a dull moment and I alvways have lots to say!


Thanks for traveling along – Dan and Jodi on Done Diggin’


4 thoughts on “The Journey Continues”

  1. Love reading these and love that your safe! I especially love that a symes man is socializing ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. Hello my friend
    I’m so glad you are enjoying this
    Please call when you’re home I’d love to meet up for lunch


  3. Love it! Sounds like an amazing time!! Continue to be safe. I agree with Val, a Symes man being social is that an oxymoron?


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