Our southward migration


We were finally able to leave New York on Friday the 19th after 12 days on a mooring waiting for a decent day to be out in the ocean.  Since then we’ve traveled down the coast to Cape May, NJ, then the Delaware Bay, the C&D Canal and now we’re in the Chesapeake Bay in a little town called Deltaville, Virginia.  Today’s forecast is for sunshine and a high of 62, though there’s a small craft advisory because of winds in the Chesapeake so we’re sitting again!

We’ve been enjoying the time out on the water.  Well, Danny has enjoyed all of it, I love it when it’s sunny and really calm.  Most days have been great, though we’ve had a few hours of high wind and waves that have provided some excitement.  Danny has started referring to the helm as “The Church of the Flybridge” because I’ve blessed myself so much!  Yesterday we saw a bald eagle, three dolphins swimming together beside the boat and two pelicans.  Pelicans!!  A sign of the south! We’re close!  We’ve also seen beautiful sunrises and sunsets and have started to meet some people who are also migrating and in the same marinas as we are.


We’re trying to stay active to make up for the food (and wine!) that we’ve consumed along the way, so we’re walking or bike riding just about every day.  We ate a lot of crabs in many forms while we were in Maryland – Danny said that after dodging the pots in the bay all day we deserved to eat them, and we have.  It’s been fun to explore the different towns we’ve visited, including New York City, Atlantic City, Cape May, NJ, Solomons, MD and Deltaville.  Each one has had it’s own personality; from NYC subway where nobody makes eye contact (then everyone smiles when a baby comes on the car) to Deltaville where every driver that passed us waved as if we were friends.  This is what it’s about.  Seeing our country in ways we never would otherwise.  And sneaking past “private property signs to look at pretty views like this one :-)!


Thanks for traveling along with us.  I’ll keep posting!


6 thoughts on “Our southward migration”

  1. Loving these updates and pictures. Feels like I am there with you by to fantastic descriptions of your experiences. You both look so healthy and relaxed – with those “Boater’s” Tans.

    Safe travels – we are having Monsoon conditions today 🙄


  2. I am also enjoying all your updates and pictures!! What a wonderful adventure! You look so relaxed and enjoying yourselves!! That’s what it is all about! Keep on posting and I’ll keep enjoying your trip along with you, albeit from afar😊!


  3. Sounds like a great adventure. Beautiful sunrise/sunset in the picture. Interesting that you are meeting other migrants. Never thought about snowbirds going by boat. Do you have a final destination where you’ll dock for the winter?


    1. Hi Bob – yes, traveling south on boats is “a thing”! The good news about that is there’s a whole community of experienced boaters to share information and knowledge; we read a few different forums and there’s a FB page,etc. We are traveling down the East Coast of Florida and hope to cross over to The Bahamas for December and January. Then back to Florida and over the the Gulf Coast where Danny has family.


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