Stuck in New York!

B78B3958-D839-4F90-B455-D023F3C5C884.jpegThis is beginning to feel like our new home -we are in a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY called Sheepshead Bay.  We’re happy that The Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club was recommended to us by someone on one of the forums we read; it’s a safe bay behind Coney Island where we’re waiting out more weather.  Right now we’re sitting inside safe and dry while the remnants of Hurricane Michael are starting the rain and wind around us.  We are also feeling “itchy” to move, but there’s an old adage that “it’s better to be on the dock wishing you were at sea than to be at sea wishing you were on the dock”.  I’ve had a little of both so far as I get used to being out on the ocean for longer days.

We’ve enjoyed being here though; it’s an interesting place with mostly very friendly people.  We were smart enough not to make a big deal about the Red Sox beating the Yankees earlier in the week (yay Sox!!) and were glad we declined the offer to watch the the games in the clubhouse with the native New Yorkers!  We took a long walk to Coney Island one day and had a hot dog at Nathan’s.  Danny says it’s the best meal he’s had so far and keeps threatening that we’re going back.  We also went into NYC (via public transportation!) for a day and spent way too much for a lunch at Rockefeller Center and visited the 9/11 museum.  Really moving place.

We think the next decent travel day is Sunday and we hope to do a pretty long day to make it to Atlantic City.  The temperature is still warm (I think at home too!), but we’re anxious to be where it’s going to stay that way.  So….I’m a little homesick, we both wish we were making more progress, but all in all we’re enjoying our adventure and making memories!


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