Plan B!

The good news is the boat finally got in the water last week, on July 10th.  The not so good news is we’ve decided we need to go to Plan B as far as our trip is concerned.  In order to be through Canada and heading south into warmer climates in time, we would have had to leave here several weeks ago, and because of incredibly frustrating delays by the boatyard and mechanics responsible for our repairs, we weren’t able to do so.  So, we’ve decided that we are going to explore the Maine Coast this summer; hope to leave one day next week (weather looks lousy from Sunday until about Thursday) and travel up and down for about 6 weeks.  We’ll come home for a couple of weeks in September and get ready to head South in October.  We will travel down the East Coast and spend the winter in Florida / Bahamas before starting the Loop in Spring of next year instead.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying having the boat right at home. We officially renamed her “Done Diggin” the first day she was in the water, and believe it or not, we are STILL waiting for the mechanic to finish fixing our generator.  This week he’s told us that he’ll be here “first thing in the morning” three days in a row – and hasn’t showed.  We’ve decided that if we ever come out of retirement we’re going into the marine business –  you get to take say yes to everyone, make promises you don’t keep AND charge a ton of money.

The engines are running well, we’re loving the new canvas and cushions and we had a great day on the water with my kids over the weekend.  Weather permitting we’ll be taking some more of the family out on Sunday.  All in all, not so bad!


2 thoughts on “Plan B!”

  1. Sounds like a great plan B! You can visit Andrew at the University of Maine! 😂. The boat is beautiful!


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