The best laid plans…..

B91303FB-BE01-47B6-BC11-2861E2A9DD2ESo, we are still not in the water.  Danny’s been planning our Great Loop Adventure for 5 years and retired at the end of May to get ready to go.  Since then we waited for over a month for the drive shaft to be repaired, and in the past two weeks have had to replace two other parts that the mechanic (who took it all apart) “couldn’t find”.  Meanwhile the boatyard has started to charge us for summer storage for our boat that sits all by herself in the yard, the Fourth of July stalled all hope of getting parts until today and means we can’t get in the water until next Tuesday, the 10th at the soonest.  Oh, and our canvas guy has actually gone backwards with his progress – he took some pieces of the enclosure away early in the week and hasn’t returned with those or the cushions he’s supposed to be making!  We’ve been discouraged and a little pissed off, but are trying to keep a positive attitude.  At this point it’s probably getting late for us to do the Loop Route and get heading toward warmer weather in time – so we are thinking about a Plan B.  We are still determined to get on that boat this summer, do some cruising and be in warm waters for the winter!!!  Meanwhile, our granddaughter Lilah is at the helm! Stay tuned!

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